The 14th International Specialized Exhibition

Tasting Contest "Odessa Gulf"

The 12th Professional Tasting Contest "Odessa Gulf" will be held
within the framework of the International Specialized Exhibitions "WINE & WINEMAKING" and "HIGH DEGREE".

The main goals of the Contest:

 • Grading and determination of the best wines, cognacs, vodkas
    and other spirits;
 • Evaluation of product packaging - styling of competitive
    products (bottle, label, cork);
 • Evaluation of product competitiveness on the internal and
    external markets;
 • Abatement of alcohol production falsification;
 • Support of producers of high-quality beverages by award the
    winners of competition by Grand Prix, medals, diplomas;
 • Presentation of high-quality wines to the experts of wholesale
    and retail trade.

The members of tasting commission are the leading experts of Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, foreign countries, the qualified experts-degustators from enterprises of the viniculture and alcoholic beverage industries, scientific research institutes and other specialized organizations.

Nominations of the Contest:
• Ordinary table dry wines
• Ordinary table semidry wines
• Ordinary table semisweet wines
• Ordinary strong wines
• Ordinary sweet wines
• Vintage table wines
• Vintage strong wines
• Vintage dessert wines
• The aerated wines
• Sparkling wines
• The flavoured wines and Vermouths
• Fruit wines
• Cognacs ordinary
• Cognacs branded
• Vodka
• Tinctures
• Liquors
• Balsams

Results of the 9th Professional Tasting Contest


Terms of Participation

Producers and traders of wines and alcoholic beverages can take part in this Contest.

For accreditation the Participant is obliged to submit the signed the application form for participation in the Contest not later than the December 15, 2011.
The application form will be sent on request.

Product samples should be presented not later than
January 15, 2012.

Each product sample must be sent to the contest in quantity of 4 bottles (not less than 2.0 litres) and be accompanied by following documents:
- the certificate of quality
- the certificate of conformity
- the information about of production volume of presented on the
  Contest sample
- commodity-lading bill
From the moment of receipt samples are passed into the ownership of "Organizer" and are not a subject to return or replacement.

Participation fees:
Presenting of one product sample for exhibitors - EUR 30;
Presenting of one product sample for other participants - EUR 40 plus EUR 230 registration fee
The payment for participation in the Contest should be made by prepayment bank transfer.

Time shedule of the Contest:
19.02.2012 - coding of samples
20.02 - 21.02.2012 - testing commission is working
22.02.2012 - counting commission is working
23.02.2012 - award ceremony of winners of the contest

1. The highest award of the contest - Grand Prix "Golden Grape", is presented in nominations of silent wines, aerated wines, cognacs, vodka.
2. Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals.
3. Diplomas of the participant of the contest.
The right to place on the label of product the logo of the received award is given to winners of Tasting Contest.

The results of the Tasting Contest will be send to all companies - operators of Ukrainian alcoholic beverage market.


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